dimanche 26 avril 2015

Notes of a dirty old man

"People come to my door - too many of them really - and knock to tell me Notes of a dirty old man turns them on. A bum off the road brings in a gipsy and his wife and we talk... drink half the night. A long distance  operator from Newburgh, N.Y., sends me money. She wants me to give up drinking beer and to eat well. I hear from a madman who calls himself 'King Arthur' and lives on Vine Street in Hollywood and wants to help me write my column. A doctor comes to my door : 'I read your column and think I can help you. I used to be a psychiatrist.' I send him away..."

Notes of a dirty old man
By Charles Bukowski
Edited by City Lights Books
on january 2001
I.S.B.N. 978-0-87286-074-2

Back to basics. I love this author and his work, and I don't know if it's because I read his books a lot of times or because his writing is easy to get but I'm surprised to see how quick I read that one, once again. When I read this, or any other Bukowski's novel, I want to get drunk. I don't know why but those stories make me want to drink a lot. I love it (not the drinking, the stories), it's simple, dirty, a bit nasty sometimes. I love it.